How can I make a donation ?

Donations can be made via the website of our foundation or to bank accounts on the website of our foundation by wire transfer etc...

Do I get a receipt after making a donation ?

If requested, a donation receipt will be issued and delivered to the donors with the amount of the donation. However, it is obligatory to prove the donation and the donor identity in the donation receipt.

I want to remain anonymous after my donation – or should I share my credentials ?

Donor information is not shared with any institution or organization, except for legal situations.

Is there an independent mechanism overseeing my donation?

Foundations established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey are subject to the supervision of the General Directorate of Foundations. However, since our foundation has the status of "Tax Exemption" with the Presidency's decision numbered 4064 dated 02.06.2021, it is also subject to the inspection of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Can I donate to your organization in ways other than financial support ?

Donors who want to donate in ways other than financial support should contact info@enev.org.tr  via e-mail.

How can I keep track of which areas the donation will be used in?

An annual report is published on the website of our foundation, and donors can examine the areas in which their donations are spent from the annual reports.