Derives its founding philosophy from the sense of kindness and benefit that we want to offer to humanity and nature. Unimpeded Education Foundation (ENEV) was founded to serve the improvement of society in the field of education, health and culture, to offer modern, efficient and effective education services to the youth and to introduce them to high-tech, advanced technical and current scientific developments in international standards. One of the biggest goals of our foundation is to improve the processes of individuals who encounter obstacles in their development, cultural activities, educational life and physical conditions in life. Therefore, Istanbul Kent University, which captures unique harmony in itself as well as with its environment and aims to contribute to the development of Turkey, is the first project of the Unimpeded Education Foundation. There are three basic principles in both the first project and all the projects that our foundation will carry out in the future.

  • To be Sustainable
  • To be Measurable
  • To Drive Change

We would like to invite you to walk together on this path of change…