Dear fellow educational volunteers,

For all my life, I have aimed to be useful to humanity and the world, to bring equality of opportunity to every person I can reach around me. I am extremely happy and honored to be with you under the roof of Unimpeded Education Foundation (ENEV), which was founded to keep up with the radical changes brought by the rapidly evolving world, to serve the society in social, cultural, and educational areas that are the very foundation of life; to commit to local values while at the same time successfully make use of the blessings of the modern world.

My biggest motivation when establishing our foundation was the feeling of peace that I would get from reaching to people who did not have the opportunities of education and life regardless of the form of impediment in their lives.

In line with this goal, the foundation philosophy of Istanbul Kent University, which was established under the roof of our foundation, is to train talented and confident world citizens who are committed to their national and cultural values and who can compete in all areas nationally and internationally.

I would like to invite you to contribute to education to be able to do the things that feels right with all the details, and to witness happy dreams becoming a reality.

Cordially yours...