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Accessible Education Foundation (ENEV) Official Website General Terms of Use


This website (hereinafter referred to as “SITE”) is the official website of the Foundation for Accessible Education (hereinafter referred to as ENEV) and is open to public access. To use this SITE, please read the terms written below. All natural and legal persons who benefit from the services offered on this SITE or access the SITE in any way are deemed to have accepted the terms of use written below.



  • General Terms of Use:



  •  Services offered on this  SITE are provided by https://enev.org.tr/. The legal owner of the SITE is ENEV, and all kinds of usage and disposal authority on the SITE belongs to ENEV.
  • From the moment you start using the SITE, you gain the right to access and use this SITE and other linked sites, if any, and certain services, interfaces and functions offered on or through this SITE.
  • Your use of this SITE and it’s services means that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use. If you think that you cannot fulfill the obligations cited in the Terms of Use and confidentiality provisions, do not enter or use this SITE.
  •  ENEV; The SITE reserves the right to terminate or close it’s publication, to change the information contained or to be received on this SITE, all content, forms and services, visual design and all similar elements, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice.
  •  All intellectual property rights of proprietary or unregistered elements such as title, business name, texts, trademarks, patents, logos, designs, photographs, videos, animations, graphics, sounds, information and methods in this SITE are owned and operated by ENEV, the operator of the SITE.  Owned and protected by law. Visiting this SITE or benefiting from the services on this SITE does not give any right to such intellectual property rights.
  • This SITE may contain elements that may be the subject of intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to third parties. The presence of trademarks, titles, logos and similar elements on the Site that may be the subject of intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to third parties does not mean that users are granted a right to create ownership or intellectual industrial property rights on them and cannot be interpreted as such. All rights on the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties on the site are at the disposal of the relevant right holders.
  •  The information on the SITE cannot be reproduced, published, copied, presented and/or transferred in any way. The whole or part of the SITE cannot be used or published on any other website without permission.
  • It is strictly forbidden to copy or use the software used in the design of the pages of the SITE and in the creation of the database, and all rights belong to ENEV.

2) Follow-up and Change of Terms of Use:

ENEV may change these terms of use at any time without prior notice or introduce additional terms when necessary. These changes will be published on the SITE and will be valid from the same date.

  • Every natural or legal person who makes use of the SITE services and accesses the SITE is deemed to have accepted any changes made by ENEV in the provisions of these terms of use in advance.

3) ENEV's Responsibility:


  • ENEV has no responsibility for all the actions you take in case you access or use the SITE in any way by accepting the terms of use.. 


4) Content:


  • Entire content, information, news, opinions, recommendations, results, reports and the like can be published on the SITE directly by ENEV, and some by obtaining from other sources deemed appropriate by ENEV. ENEV does not undertake any legal responsibility, although it does not undertake the accuracy and reliability of the information transmitted from other Web sites or sites belonging to donors or volunteers.


5) Liability for Content Usage:


  • Regardless of how the user has access to the SITE, any responsibility arising from the use of all content on the SITE belongs to the person/user who connects to the SITE. ENEV does not assume any responsibility.


6) No Warranty:


  • The SITE is offered to the users as it is and does not contain any written or verbal, specific or general guarantees, in the widest form allowed by law. ENEV guarantees that the functions and services on this SITE are error-free, that the defects will be corrected or that the Site itself or the upstream and downstream sites/links of third parties do not contain viruses or other harmful content, together with the server used in the provision of this SITE. 


7) Links on the SITE


  • On this Site, sub and upper sites operated by third parties, which ENEV does not own and control, can be found and linked to. ENEV does not have any guarantees or special commitments regarding the content, security, privacy policies and continuous communication of these accessed sites. ENEV cannot be held responsible in any way for the personal information provided to these sites, the content and services benefited from these sites, and the privacy policies and practices of these sites.


8) Collection of Visiting Information:


When this SITE is visited, web servers automatically begin to collect information to enable the site to communicate with the visitor's computer. The use of the SITE means that ENEV is given permission by the user to collect the specified information.


9) Contact:


  • All responsibility for the communication between the users of the SITE, if it takes place, belongs to the parties. ENEV does not make any commitments and assumes no responsibility regarding data security and malicious acts to the parties to the communication/connection/data traffic.


10) Prohibition of Intervention:


  • It is strictly forbidden to violate or attempt to violate the security of the SITE and it’s services. Criminal action may be taken against those who commit or attempt such violations and a criminal case may be filed. If it is determined that the actions specified in this article have been carried out, the access of the relevant persons to the SITE is terminated. The person or persons who committed the violation are financially, legally and criminally liable to the person whose rights have been violated and/or ENEV, in accordance with the law.


11) Violation of Terms of Use:


  • ENEV, with the right to reject, remove from the content, delete the information available in the system, in case of non-compliance with the general terms of use and privacy conditions on the SITE or in case of an attempt to violate the rules, whether the violation takes place or not. reserves the right (though not obligatory) to suspend, terminate, or cancel membership to the services. It also applies in case of an indirect violation or attempted violation of the Terms by a third party acting on behalf of the user. The failure of ENEV to enforce any legal right or remedy contained in the written conditions herein does not mean that it has waived its rights or accepted the violation.


12) Separable Integrity of Substances:


  • These terms are divisible and if one of its provisions is deemed invalid, canceled or otherwise removed, the validity of the other provisions will not be affected.