Distance Connection Agreement



1.1.This "Distance Donation Agreement" (hereafterreferred toas "ozing") is signed between the following parties within the terms and conditions set forth below.


From now on, it will be referred to in the contract as "ENEV".


From now on, it will be referred to in the contract as "BAGISCI".


In the implementation of this agreement;


  • Foundation :Unhindered Education Foundation (ENEV),
  • Donor :Real or legal person who will make a donationto ENEV through the website with www.enev.org.tr domain address  belonging to ENEV,
  • Contract :ThisDistanceDonation Agreement,
  • Website: Enev's website with www.enev.org.tr domain address,
  • Donation : To be made to ENEV from bagisçi's assets through the website with www.enev.org.tr domain address belonging to ENEV,
  • Project Based Donation : Free compensation to be made from bagisçi's assets to the projects announced by ENEV through the website with the domain address of ENEV  www.enev.org.tr,
  • Loaded Donation :The type of donation defined in Article 291of the Turkish Debt LawNo. 6098, 
  • Donation Receipt :Donation receipt to be issued by ENEV if donations are made byBAGISÇI through the website with www.enev.org.tr domain address belonging to ENEV,
  • Bank :The bank, virtual card, credit card and, without limitation, the payment instrument provider used by BAGISÇI for donations made through enev's www.enev.org.tr domain address website,
  • Credit Card :The credit card usedby BAGISÇI for donation transactions made through enev's website with www.enev.org.tr domain address


refers to the


2.1.The subject of this Agreement; It is the regulation of the rights and obligationsof the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Law  no.   6098 regarding the donation of BAGISÇI electronically via ENEV's website.  


Title               : Foundation for Unhindered Education (ENEV)

Address               : Levent Mah. Strawberry Cad. No:6 Besiktas/Istanbul

Phone :  0212 912 55 25

Email               : [email protected]

Tax Office :  Besiktas

Tax Number : 335 045 0551

Tax Exemption :  T.C. Presidential Decree No. 02.06.2021 and  Numbered 4064


4.1. The donation to be made by BAGISÇI will also be used for the purposes written in ENEV's foundation bill and for the expenditures to be made in order to achieve these objectives. 

4.2. The donation to be made in the event thatBAGISÇImakesa donation to support any project announced by ENEVwould be used in relation to the project inquestion,but if necessary byENEV, some or all of the project-based donationswill be made for the purposes written in  ENEV's foundation bill or for the realization of these purposes.  or  other projects  that ENEV will announce in the present  or  future.   All arbitrariness in this regard  belongs to ENEV.  THE BAGIST accepts this arbitrariness. In accordance with this article provision, project-based donations will not be legally loaded donations.

4.3. BAGISCI agrees to obtain the information regarding the use of this  contractual donation correctly.

4.4.IF a donation receipt is requested by the BAGISÇI; the natural person must submit the official documents indicating that he/she is authorized to represent the legal entity and the bank documents proving that he has made a donation to ENEV  physically or by e-mail. If the documents submitted by BAGISÇI are confirmed by ENEV, a donation receipt is given to BAGISÇI.  

4.5. BAGISÇI declares and undertakes that the information provided by ENEV when making donations from its website is inaccurate and that ENEV will immediately, cashly and repeatedly incur any damages it may incur due to the inaccuracy of this information to ENEV upon enev's initial notification.

4.6. If the DONOR defaults on the payment of the credit card for which he/she makes the donation payment transactions, the credit card holder shall be personally responsible to the relevantbank for the obligations issued within the framework of the contracts with the relevant bank and ENEV has no responsibility or obligation in relation to this  matter.  


5.1.The provisions of this agreement are divisible and the validity of the other provisions of the Agreement shall not be affected if one of its provisions is invalidated, revoked or otherwise eliminated.


6.1. The title of the articles of reference used in this Agreementis  used solely for citation and shall not affect the meaning and interpretation of the Agreement in any way.

6.2. If any legislation or provision of the legislationis referred to in this Agreement,  this citation shall include future changes to this legislation.

6.3.The reference to a singular term in this Agreement includes the plurality of that term and the reference to the plural.


7.1. Istanbul Caglayan Court Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in disputesarising from this  agreement.


BAGISCI shall accept all terms and conditions of this agreement when it makes the donation payment through ENEV's website.